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David Schafer

Muž, 60
Registrovaný/á: 20/01/2020 - 07:34
Naposledny online: 18/03/2024 - 14:42
Florida - United States
Niečo o mne
Am David by name, I'm from a mixed race , more of Africa and American, late dad is from Florida,while late mom is half African and American. So i inherit  mixed culture and i can easily be outgoing with any person from any race , i was born in GERMANY but did not grow up there. So i grew up fully and raised  in the USA.
I was in GERMANY with mom for several years .So right now!

Am into Automotive Business and am planning to leave here for a better life somewhere as i wish to relocate to my right partner. I cant really say much about me here. But you can write me and gets to know me better. I only want to meet someone around the world and see how things goes.

am presently out of any relationship due to my past experience as my formal wife had to leave me for another man when he realized that i am all alone and don't have any meaningful life as my parents and family are all dead so i realized that  she doesn't love me but love my late parent's money and my own body because my late parents are rich ones but right now i don't have any access to the inheritance because of my situation as at moment as WILL by my late dad.I am not also here for games and i will not cheat any woman for her money or any material things because i can understand that some people are out here to take advantage of other ones,For your information , i am about to cancel my registration on dating site again and i am not either into any dating site stuffs anymore because i don't see it real on there and people are just there to catch fun , while some woman are there to cheat on man and break there heart and also some men may do the same too.. So i must tell you that it is very hard  situation on internet and i cannot see any possible way of meeting a trust worthy partner until i met anyone who is for real. now and i hope you are for real.
Koho hľadám
I want to have the one true love of my life, the one man who I can look into his eyes and see his inner world. I want my man to bewitch me with his mind, entice me with his eyes, dazzle me with his smile and smoother me with his passion. I want to have a long and happy marriage to one man,so we can grow old together and our children filling our lives with laughter.

I want someone who we can grow old together to live a happy life together, Someone who will never stop loving me. someone who will never give up on each other and give a helping hands to our self in terms of tribulations and troubles of these world.
Výška: 5.7
Váha: 130
Vlasy: Grey
Oči: Brown
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